No, it’s not a picture of your aura, whatever that is.

Soul Ray Portrait photography is Siddiqi’s method of arriving at a new way of seeing your true self and your creative potential — a tool to help you feel positively about your life and put that newfound self-acceptance into action.

By combining guided meditation and intuitive reading during the portrait session to help each person drop their “mask” and open up their authentic self in front of the camera, Siddiqi captures images that are magnetic, authentic, and infused with love. Armed with a new vision of who you truly are, you begin to perceive your life and your capabilities in a different light. Through Soul Ray Portraits, Siddiqi says, “You can better see yourself and be yourself.”

Soul Ray Portrait subjects describe the process as one that infuses their lives with a new, dynamic sense of empowerment and self-acceptance. Like the magic mirrors of myth and fairy tales, Siddiqi’s Soul Ray Portrait method helps each individual tap into a wisdom greater than themselves, and a perspective beyond the familiar. Clients take this journey accompanied by Siddiqi’s compassionate and observant intuitive readings and arrive at a reflection of the beautiful, fearless person they are capable of being. No longer distorted by the dysmorphia of self that so many of us suffer, we are able to see clearly and become free to live out our greatest dreams.

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